Souk! Souk!

One of the things that charmed me the most when I first arrived in Dubai are the Souks (سوق, a souk, esouk, suk, sooq, souq, or sūq). By definition , souk is a traditional market in an Arabic City where commodities ranges from spices, textiles, jewelries, clothes, home items are sold.   Today, these are places that links the modern day to the good old times where people used to brave the heat and trade outdoors. Although, souk these days are not necessary located outside or traditional in any sense, still it is a must-see for anyone visiting any Arab City. What makes these places special are not the item for grabs but a glimpse of what Dubai used to be.  The wind towers and  lamp lit hallways introduce a different side of Arabic architecture which  are now mostly overshadowed by futuristic designs.

In Dubai, there are 4 main souk that you should visit, depending on your preference:

For those who wants to go out in style and take a profile pic worthy background of Burj Al Arab,  Madinat Jumeira Souk is for you.

For those looking for bargain souvenir items and a chance to ride the Abra, Bur Dubai Souk is a must (my favorite souk).

For those who wants to score some blings and natural viagra (huh?), Deira Gold Souk is the place.

For those who get tired walking endlessly around Dubai Mall, head out and drag your sore feet to Souk Al Bahar and wait for 6pm for  closer look at the dancing fountain.

Finally, for those who don’t want to leave the comfort of  their home, just log on to .


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