South Coast, Iceland

With the southern route lined with natural treasures such as waterfalls, beaches, mountains, volcanoes, glaciers and small fishing villages, a visit to the South Coast of Iceland is considered as one of the most popular routes for any visitors, along with the Golden Circle and I will say is a must do. Due to its […]

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“Journey to the Center of the Earth”, The Snæfellsnes Peninsula, West Iceland

“Descend, bold traveller, into the crater of the jökull of Snæfell, which the shadow of Scartaris touches before the Kalends of July, and you will attain the centre of the earth. I did it”. – Arne Saknussemm, excerpt from Jules Verne “Journey to the Center of the Earth” When asked what is the primary reason […]

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Reykjavik, Iceland

For the past year, every visit to the bookstore section of travel guides, every extra penny saved in the bank, every day dreaming commute accompanied by the music of Sigur Rós , all are devoted to one goal alone, that someday, somehow I will bring myself to this magical land up North. I dream of […]

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Kronborg Castle, Denmark

When I was building my Copenhagen itinerary, one of the places that was on top of my list is a day trip to the Northern Zealand, to the town of Elsinore (Helsingor) and to see Kronborg Castle or widely known as the “Hamlet’s Castle”, attributing to the fact that the castle was the setting of […]

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