Museums of Copenhagen , Denmark

Denmark is a great country to visit, particularly if you are a museum enthusiast. Within the capital city of Copenhagen, scattered are numerous museums that provide various experiences for every visitor, as long as you are a fan of art – whether its ancient, modern or contemporary. One of my greatest dream in life is […]

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Castles of Copenhagen , Denmark

In and out of the city of Copenhagen are magnificent castles, palaces and estates that make the term majestic appropriate when describing the city. Considered as the world’s oldest monarchy, the royal residences of the past and present queens and kings are sights to behold, particularly for non-European resident like me, who often the closest […]

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Streets of Copenhagen , Denmark

Copenhagen is the first Nordic city I’ve ever visited and it did not disappoint. The city is an essential mix of culture and hipness- it has castles, museums, theme park, port area and shopping district, all located within a good walking distance from each other. Everywhere you look, everything seems to be well-organized, and the […]

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Sunset at Oia, Santorini, Greece

They say Santorini has its secrets and its beautiful sunset view is definitely not one of them. Forget about the wine tasting and the surrounding beaches, the truth is everyone comes to this island for the romantic panorama of cotton candy skies draping over the caldera cliffs filled with rows of whitewashed buildings, pastel decors […]

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