Abra Afternoon

History tells us that the world greatest cities are built nearby a body of water – Nile give birth to the magnificent ancient Egypt while Hudson River houses Statue of Liberty and all the dreams it hold.  Like these great cities, there was a time when everything was centered in Khor Dubai, contrary to  the cosmopolitan city  that you see  today.  This saltwater creek used to be the city’s lifeline (fishing, pearl diving, port) and the place that  gave birth to the prominent Al Maktoum dynasty.  These days Dubai Creek still serve as a passageway for dhows carrying goods on the way to Baniyas Port but are now mostly promoted for tourism purpose (Dhow Cruise with Dinner, anyone?).

Spending an afternoon in Dubai Creek will not cause any damage to your piggy bank. For 1 dirham only, you will have a magnificent afternoon on-board the Abra crossing Bur Dubai and Deira (best way to go souk hopping).  If you are feeling a bit sleepy, stop by to one of cafes around and order the devilish Moroccan coffee for 12 dirhams (sisha optional).  Make sure to walk around the creek side and see  people unwind.  Five minutes walk from the Bur dubai Abra station is the Dubai Museum. For 3 dirhams entrance fee you will get a chance to understand that before the tallest building, the most expensive hotel or the celebrated indoor ski resort,  Dubai is like any other city with humble beginnings. To wrap up the day, dinner at Heritage Village (near Shindagha Tunnel) is recommended.

Buy a bread at the nearby grocery for 3 dirhams and do the best stress reliever of all,  feed the pigeons.  This kind of afternoon (my kind) is truly an authentic experience that is seldom practice in this town…


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