Season of Mall Rats

It’s the time of the year again were people in Dubai refer to their  Air Conditioner  as the best invention ever existed. After all, who can survive  five months of 45-50°C  temperature,  sweltering humidity of  56-76 and to step out from the comfort of your home is like stepping into one giant Sauna.  Given this condition, we tend to either stay at home and stuff ourselves with junk food while watching TV series re-runs and if get bored,  head out to another air conditioned place (obviously, not your office) – Malls.

Summer season in this region has created another type of creature – Mall Rats.  After spending a year in the city, you will find yourself drawn  into the comfort of cinemas, indoor cafes and window shopping.  This is a known fact and the city is nothing but prepared for this, most of the grandest mall you will ever find in the world is located here.  Allow me to give you a rundown of four malls reachable by Dubai Metro and tell you what set each malls apart aside from the usual shops.

Dubai Mall is the mother of all mall.  Known as the World largest shopping mall by total area and towering over it is the World  tallest building. It is a one stop shop for all the brands known to mankind and there are few stops that I recommend you do  – Book World by Kinokuniya (my heaven),  Magnolia Bakery at Bloomingdales (forget about the calories),  Garrett Popcorn (go for caramel pecan flavor).   By 6 pm, head outside and squeeze yourself into the crowd and be amazed with Dubai Fountain.

Mall of Emirates is like my second home. It’s a good 5 minutes walk from my apartment, so if I am too lazy to fry an egg  for dinner you will definitely find me here. Though  its main attraction is Ski Dubai, what I like most about this place is Borders. What could possibly be more relaxing than being inside a book shop with free access to all magazines/ books you want and a cup of Starbucks Caramel Macchiato in hand.

Located on the southern part of the town is Ibn Batutta Mall. Named after the famous explorer and divided into six distinguished courts, it has a very artistic interior and mini museum that will entertain any first time visitor. That’s it.

Placed at one of the busiest area in the city is the Burjuman Mall. Usually less crowded compare to others, it houses Saks Fifth Avenue and a nice Pavillion Gardens for dining at the topmost floor.  If your are a “kabayan” and craving for some native dishes, there is Barrio Fiesta at the third level to cure your homesickness.

If you are a Sociologist, malls in Dubai is the best place for your case study. It is kaleidoscope of human behavior – mixed nationalities, both gender and all ages. Oftentimes, its not about the window shopping that will keep you interested but more on people watching.  If you run out of cash, make sure that you head out to the correct ATM machine and not the Gold ATM that will give you option to buy gold coins and bar (weird..).


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