The Stilt Fishermen of Sri Lanka

When Steve McCurry shared to the world the image of stilt fishermen of Weligama, a coastal town South of Sri Lanka, the world took notice. The photograph not only showcase an honest description of the everyday people and their surrounding, but somehow it introduces to the wider audience across the globe, a form of traditional […]

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Train Travel in Sri Lanka

There are a lot of things I was looking forward about Sri Lanka and taking the local train is definitely one of them. Though, experiencing the Kandy to Ella scenic train route as it navigates the Tea Country is one for the books, I know that to truly experience this magnificent country is to simply […]

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Outside Galle Fort, Sri Lanka

The town of Galle is distinguished by two reference point – inside and outside the Fort area. Inside the fort area, where everything is neat and organized, exuding a more touristic vibe, while outside is a constant buzz of public vehicles plowing the main road and the people going about their daily lives, a more […]

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Galle Fort, Galle, Sri Lanka

From the hill county of Ella, I travelled approximately 7 hours aboard the local bus to the seaside town of Galle, with the intention of spending a few leisurely days admiring the archeological heritage monuments of Galle Fort and to experience its one of a kind sunset. Galle Fort, an old trading port, first built […]

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