Last Hurrah on the Cherry Blossom Season: Shinjuku Gyoen, Hinode-cho River

To say that I have been working really hard on the past weeks is no exaggeration.  Like a true “salary man”,  I often find myself eating  lunch at 5 in the afternoon, having  dinner at 12 mid night, and waking up in a few hours just to go back to work.  Since my office is a mere 4 blocks away from my apartment, in the morning, I often run on every traffic lights like a crazy person just to be there on time and I know that my desire to rock a  high heels shoes will never come true.

Somehow, the start of Cherry Blossom season had me slowing down a bit, after all a five minutes late is nothing compare to the longer nights spent at my office desk. Who will not wish to take the leisure stroll to work if you will pass by this beautiful scenery everyday?

With the power of caffeine working its magic to make me function, I managed to survive and push thru everyday.  The promise of the weekend is something that I am so longing for, not to catch up with my sleep but to be able to roam around town, admire the beauty of pink bloom while it lasts and like the rest of the work force,  where a time spent under a Cherry tree eating a bento box is more than enough to relax and forget about those work troubles, even for a moment.

As my last hurrah for the Hanami Season, I decided to spend my precious Sunday at Shinjuku Gyoen. The park, beautiful on any season will not disappoint anyone who wishes to be surrounded by Sakura trees.

Since Shinjuku Gyoen is  consider as the top blossom spot in Tokyo,   I was  expecting that the park will be crowded with picnic mats and photographers,  I was surprise to see how generally peaceful and less crowded it was. I think that most people have diverted their attention elsewhere and had assumed that most Sakura petals have fallen.

I am not too familiar with the types or names of Cherry trees but the white one (Ukon?) seems to be the last to approached full bloom.

While everyone’s favourite-  pretty pink blooms (Kanzan?) were gradually loosing  petals.  Those scattered on the ground are a sight itself and to experience sitting under the tree while  being showered by  the petals is a truly a remarkable experience or let’s just say  completes the Cherry blossom experience in full circle.

Exactly two traffic lights away from my place and can be seen on my window balcony is Hinode-cho.  The trees lining up the Hinode-cho River offers not only a pretty sight but a diversion from the reputation that the neighbourhood is usually  known for.  It may not be as beautiful compare to the known top Hanami spots, but the residence of the area and the nearby neighborhood  will enjoy the idea of having a chance to enjoy this much awaited season without fighting their way for a picnic spot.

Sakura viewing along Hinode-cho River is best done not with a packed lunch but by trying out the line of restaurants with booth setup along the river. Most popular food items are anything that goes best with beer.

Now the pink petals have fallen and replaced by the green leaves, my work load is still the same- Late meals, longer hours. I will miss Sakura and the idea of walking pass by it every morning, as if reminding me or anyone for that matter that working hard is a good thing but life is meant to be enjoyed as well. After all, the Cherry Blossom  symbolizes  the transience of  our existence.

Until  the next Sakura Season.

43 thoughts on “Last Hurrah on the Cherry Blossom Season: Shinjuku Gyoen, Hinode-cho River

  1. Sakura is the best memory of our trip 4 years ago, and it makes me appreciate every spring blossom I see anywhere I am! Thanks for sharing your appreciations.

    1. for sure i will feel the same way about every spring, thanks to Sakura 🙂
      thank you for liking my post!

  2. A feast for the eye, and a nectar for the soul. Amazing, astonishing and pleasing photographs. The entire city is just Cherry blossoms!

  3. I stayed at shinjuku while on my travels to japan in 2010 and the place, be it nature or urbanization, still melts my heart to this very day =)

    1. agree with you..
      Shinjuku Gyoen and Kinokuniya bookstore oldest/ main branch = reason why I love shinjuku 🙂

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