Kiyomizudera: Pure Water Temple

Founded in 780, located at the east side of Kyoto and consider as UNESCO World Heritage Site, Kiyomizudera is another temple worth paying a visit and by far the most popular, most crowded one. Morning is the best time to go where you can enjoy the fresh air while standing on the elevated hillside wooden […]

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Geisha at Gion District, Kyoto

There has been a lot of misconception about Geisha and the world they live in, particularly for outsiders who deem these women with thick white based make-up, red lipstick and dress in well-ornamented kimono as old-class prostitutes. I am not sure if the idea came from a movie or some tell-all book about how a […]

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Shinkansen My Way to…

Speeding at 300km/hour and with an estimated journey time of 2.5 hours, finally I will be visiting one of the places that I really wanted to explore – Kyoto. I took the first Nozomi Shinkansen (bullet train) out of Shin-Yokohama hoping to reach early and have the rest of the day visiting few temples on […]

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