Hiroshima Peace Memorial- “A-Bomb Dome”

The atomic bomb  dropped at 8:15 a.m , August 6, 1945, exploded at an altitude of approximately 600 meters over the city of Hiroshima. It emitted heat rays, blast, and radiation. In the vicinity of the hypocenter, heat from the bomb raised surface temperatures to 3,000 to 4,000 deg. Celsius and generated a blast that blew 440 meters per second (about 984 miles per hour). Simultaneously, an enormous amount of radiation was emitted. These three forms of energy instantly destroyed the entire city, indiscriminately taking many precious lives”.

Located inside on what is now known as Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park is the remains of the only surviving infrastructure of atomic bomb catastrophe of 1945. Named as Hiroshima Peace Memorial or most commonly called as Atomic Bomb Dome/A-bomb Dome was actually the city’s former Prefectural Industrial Exhibition Hall.

Though the original target of the  bomb was the bridge besides the dome, the center of the blast hit the building vertically downward, somehow making some of its parts intact but unfortunately killed everyone inside immediately.

During the re-building of the city, there has been a debate among locals as to whether keep or destroy the A-bomb dome. For some, it was nothing but a bad reminder of the Japanese participation on World War II that triggers the series of events while others favored on keeping it so it may serve as a constant reminder on why the world should never face another war or atomic war to be specific.

Even its designation as UNESCO World Heritage site has faced some controversy. Countries like China and USA voted against the proposition of having the A-bomb dome as the heritage site mainly favoring the same reasoning as the local people who wanted to have the building destroyed.

My visit to the dome was on a beautiful, sunny morning, maybe almost the same weather condition 66 years ago. I can’t help but imagine what it was like back then and shudder to the idea of just going about your daily business and not knowing that it will be your last day on Earth.


2 thoughts on “Hiroshima Peace Memorial- “A-Bomb Dome”

  1. Thanks for sharing this. I was just talking about this disaster the other day, and very glad you posted the images and gave descriptions. I would like to think the building stands as a reminder of how important it is to know a country’s history – and demonstrate how such actions change and take lives. Thank you again.

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