Kyoto After Sunset: Nishiki Market, Pontocho, Kamogawa River

If you are a solo female traveler like me, I’m pretty sure that you will take every precaution there is to ensure your safety no matter where you are.  It can be via educating yourself on the country you are planning to visit, maybe joining a tour instead of exploring places on your own or can be as simple as thinking twice on going out at night at an unfamiliar city.

Kyoto or let’s just say Japan in general is a relatively safe place to visit on both daytime and night time. Even after whole day of sightseeing, when all you want to do is just crawl in bed and rest your tired legs, the city street lamps, the crowd at Shijo Street and lovers sitting along the Kamogawa River are hypnotizing enough that will give you that sudden boost of energy to get up, picked that camera and continue to explore the rest of the city.

There are several places in Kyoto which are best visited at night.

If you have money to spend, maybe on a business trip or just want to impress your date, head to Pontocho for dinner where most of the restaurants have open-air patios overlooking Kamo river.  Consider as the city’s most atmospheric dining area, some of the establishments are highly exclusive that requires connection to get in and might max out your credit card.


In case you are on a budget and still want to savor Kyoto’s culinary delights, head to Nishiki Market for more affordable choices. A five-block shopping lane which is popularly known as “Kyoto’s Kitchen”, products sold here  ranges from fresh seafood, sweets, coffee beans, and anything that is locally manufactured. There are small eateries in between shops for a quick bite, with most of them offering free taste.

Continue your night exploration by just walking around Kamo River towards Gion Street and you will be delighted to see local traditional theaters or old dining establishments mixed with kimono-clad women which are all now consider as city landmarks.

Precaution is good thing and something that has to be observed by anyone at all time, but it should not hinder us to see what each new territory has to offer after the sun goes down.

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    1. thanks.. depends on my work. hopefully, will be able to stay up to the cherry blossom months before i go and hunt for my next destination..

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