Kyoto International Manga Museum

If you love to read, happen to be a fan of “manga” (even if you’re not) and plan to visit Kyoto in the near future, I suggest you take a break from the endless temple hopping and pay a visit to the Kyoto International Manga Museum.

Not to far from Nijo Castle, the museum is quite accessible with Karusama-Oike as the closest subway station. With an entrance fee of 800 yen, you are granted permission to read and indulge yourself to their 50,000 manga collection (English version available), and the ticket allows visitor to go back and forth into the museum up to the closing time, which is around 6:00pm.

Consider it like a library of manga, where you are free to take out any book of your choice from the 200 meters long “Wall of Manga” bookshelves and savor its every page while lying on the green lawn outside, together with the other readers. If you are travelling with kids, I think visiting the Children Library section at the museum is one thing they will appreciate most, particularly after those tiring short hikes you took to see the temples.

The museum offers other things to do as well- like if you’re not into reading, then maybe you can try drawing the story yourself by participating into the MM workshop.  If you don’t like to read and don’t know how to draw, then you can watch professional manga artist breathes life into a character with their gifted hands. Make sure to checkout the souvenir area as well for cool stuff you can buy for your nieces and nephews.

How nice was it to experience sitting besides a group of individuals, where nobody is talking and everyone’s mind is somewhere into a different world. The idea that you don’t know each other but you share the same passion for reading is just awesome.


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