Shinkansen My Way to…

Speeding at 300km/hour and with an estimated journey time of 2.5 hours, finally I will be visiting one of the places that I really wanted to explore – Kyoto. I took the first Nozomi Shinkansen (bullet train) out of Shin-Yokohama hoping to reach early and have the rest of the day visiting few temples on my list. I don’t like flying and all the airport procedure that comes with it, so I’m one happy gal that there is a bullet train that can bring me to my destination with almost the same travel time, where all I need to do is hop in and out of the train.

Travelling via Shinkansen is definitely the most convenient way of exploring Japan, though it will occupy huge chunk of your total trip cost, so the smartest thing to do is to squeeze in few side trips- like Osaka & Nara on my case. I enjoy my Shinkansen ride, though I intentionally purchased the unreserved seat ticket for time flexibility.  There are lovely ladies selling snacks on-board, English language announcements and there are power outlets available for those who cannot disconnect themselves with their laptop.  You will hardly notice that you are moving on such speed but you might feel a certain buzzing sensation between your ears, though it’s not something that will make you feel uncomfortable, well I still managed to read Natsume Sōseki’ Kokoro.

Finally, I arrived at Kyoto Station. The station architecture is quite impressive and one of the best in Japan, just look at my daytime and night time shots. I immediately look for a tourist information desk to grab some free English maps and purchase the 2-days pass.  Now, I’m ready to find out why Kyoto is the number one Japan destination in Lonely Planet, but first I need to find my accommodation- Hannari Guesthouse.

Right outside the station is the  Kyoto Tower which makes a good night time photography. More post coming for my Kyotto-Osaka-Nara trip.


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