Silly Thing? Nuclear Protest at Tokyo

The March 11 great earthquake/tsunami has focused once again the world’s eye to Japan and to the use of Nuclear energy to power up our existence. With the unresolved issue of Fukushima Daiichi Plant and Prime Minister Naoto Kan throwing the white towel, there has been a widespread hysteria across this country and to the neighboring nations on the after-effects of radiation leakage. Who can blame us? The Chernobyl’s aftermath documentaries and black & white photos can scare a shit out of anyone. Let’s forget about our selves for a moment and think about our sons, sisters, aging parents, husband, aunt, friends- our loved ones. We definitely don’t want to see their skin itching and flaking due to radiation poisoning, right?

“To use nuclear power or not” is one of those open-ended topic that sparks international debate. Forget about the issue of Iran and the said weapon of mass destruction, for a second let’s just think about our daily living- is it possible to live in a modern city without relying on nuclear power. Is it really just a silly thing?

With many well-developed nation’s relying on the atomic fission to power-up their bullet trains, famous tower or money-maker district, having nuclear power plant is like a testament that you have arrived and yes, you’re country is now part of the prestigious G8 summit. Is the progress that these plants represent commensurable enough to the possible danger it impose on human existence? Are the world leaders just after the idea of industrialization for world domination without considering the value of life? Did we arrive on an era where everything is dispensable against the promise of comfort, including those that matters most?

I am not well-informed on the subject Nuclear Plant but I am a believer of few things. If we claim to have sent man on the moon and now, planning to make space travel a mere leisure journey, is it really that hard to look for alternate source of energy? If we cannot leave our cell phones at home or cannot survive a day without a facebook status update, are we going to just accept the inevitable fact that the Chernobyl history can repeat itself? Will Jesus or whatever God we worship will be there to offer us salvation from all the silly thing that we, human has bought ourselves into?

I wish I knew the answer to my questions. I wish I am knowledgeable enough about the issue of nuclear plant and brave enough to make a stand. But like many others, I am lost. The only facts that I know are those that gather from watching Discovery channel and the only thing that registered on my mind is it might be the best source of energy, but  it is the most dangerous of all.

Photos taken at Anti-Nuke Protest at Shibuya, Tokyo. With the screaming teen spirit and trendy shops, ironic place for a rally but maybe that’s the point.  Maybe everyone should be informed, everyone should be aware, maybe it’s about time that everyone should look beyond the vanity of our looks and think how insignificant it will be against the possibility of nuclear danger.


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