Sankein Garden, Yokohama

If you are bored to death with all the usual Tokyo district that you usually goes to during weekends and you want to have some quiet time to contemplate about few things in your life, I suggest that you pay a visit to one of the most tranquil place that I been to so far – Sankein Garden.

Feast your eyes to a forest-like landscape, where everything is green and luscious. There are towering trees together with the three-storey pagoda which you can reach via a few slope steps, a lake with a wooden boat in the middle, traditional tea houses, wooden bridge and pond filled with koi. You cannot help but feel as if you are in some rural area when in fact you are still at Japan’s second largest metropolis.

The garden was a creation of Sankei Hara, a wealthy businessman from silk trading. He reconstructed buildings of historic value similar to those of Kyoto and Kamakura. Reason why oftentimes people are mentioning that if you don’t have the capacity to visit Kyoto, then just drop by Sankein Garden.

Location is not to far from Yokohama Station and can be access by bus from there or train to Negishi station.  A 5-10 minutes pleasant walk along the residential area of Honmoku-Mae is needed in order to reach the place. But I think once you see the garden, you will feel that all the bus rides and walking are worth it.

I would love just to lie down on the grass with a book in hand or maybe just sit idly and not think about anything for once. Sometimes the best cure to boredom is not to find an activity to get busy with but a much needed silence to reset that wandering mind. Unfortunately, my visit did not allow me to do so, the weather is gloomy with occasional rains and everything is wet. Nonetheless, I managed to have an hour of peace.

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