Cosmo World @ Minato Mirai 21, Yokohama

For days when I feel like shit for whatever reason, I normally walk a few blocks away from my apartment towards Cosmo World at Mirato Mirai 21. I am not a big gamer so the arcades are not the attraction for me nor a big horror house fan, seems to me that going there alone is more creepier that the place itself. But I like going to this amusement park- walking around, checking the rides and hear people screaming from the roller-coaster ride are enough reason for me to loose the stress building in my shoulders.

Cosmo World may not be as fancy as Disneyland or other known-amusement park in the country, but it has enough colors and sounds to offer an alternative for a weekend of mall hopping. Kids will surely enjoy the rides designed with Doraemon and Pikachu. I like seeing a father, mother or grandparents taking pictures of their kids as they enjoy the carousel ride. The area is popular for many photography enthusiast with their DSLRs and tripods, trying very hard to have a perfect shot of the giant ferris wheel plus the riverside.

Whenever I am at the Cosmo World, I always think of my two little cousins and my desire to bring them here. I am pretty sure they will enjoy the place to the fullest.

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