Welcome to ChinaTown, Yokohama

If the beer is called TsingTsao not Heineken, when there are steaming white pork bun everywhere instead of a burger joint and Hello Kitty was reincarnated as a Panda-  don’t second guess where you are,  Welcome to China Town.

They are everywhere. Almost all major cities in the world boast the presence of China Town and Japan is no exception. If you happen to be here and want Pecking Duck for lunch, then head to Yokohama where you would fine one of the world most celebrated dragon decorated district.

I don’t need to elaborate what can be bought or experience at China Town. They are all the same anywhere. But let me tell you what make this one different:

    1. No fake goods for sale. Surprise!
    2. The sellers are confusing. They look Japanese but speak fluent Chinese or they are Chinese and speak fluent Japanese.

I ordered a siopao and pearl tea milk for lunch, amounting to 550 Yen (about 300 Php).  Too expensive, right?

One of the wordpress blogger commented on the photo of the TsingTsao beer and came up with this funny acronym – “This Shit Is No Good Try Another One”.


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