Electric Town: Akihabara, Tokyo

Akihabara or commonly referred as Akiba is the center of Japan’s Otaku culture (die hard fans) devoted to Anime and Manga.  This is the only place where you can have a snack inside Gundam-inspired shop (Gundam Cafe) or be pampered as a master inside the popular cosplay restaurant – Maid Cafe with cute Japanese teenagers dress in  French maid costumes.

Like Raon in Manila, Akihabara has its humble beginnings as a black market zone that specialized in selling radio and electronic parts after World War II, thus gaining its name as Electric Town. These days,  its very hard to trace the history since buildings after buildings are populated by shops that sells the latest and the coolest gadgets.  But what really separate Akiba from other electric town around the world are the anime-manga-gamers specialty shops. It’s a paradise for the devoted- where you can browse all the Manga  that you want, buy a complete set of One Piece figurine characters, check the latest Sega games, complete your collectible cards, posters and CDs. Check out the Tokyo Anime Center at Crossfields building (4th floor) for the 101 on Japanimation.

I asked one of the “Maids” giving leaflets on the streets if I can go and try their master-servants service but most of them turned me down. Either these Meido Cafe’s are for guys only or my question just got lost in translation. I continue to walk around and finally found one who told me that I can try their cafe. I asked her how much it will cost me and her reply made me realize that these cosplay restaurants are only available to fulfill the fantasies of the otaku group. I don’t think I will enjoy spending 5,000 Yen entrance fee + 1,000 Yen minimum consumption amount as much as the XY chromosome population will do.

I can’t help but smile when I checked out one of the toy shops and saw a Batman-Spider man action figures for sale on a very cheap price of 30 Yen (15 pesos). Seems like Marvel Superheroes power is nothing here compare to Full Metal Alchemist.

One thought on “Electric Town: Akihabara, Tokyo

  1. What does otaku mean?…This ‘aroused’ my excitement when i read this. I was looking forward for the pictures pa naman of “roleplaying”..hehe

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