13m Higher than Eiffel: Tokyo Tower

Boasting that its 13m higher than that one in Paris, Tokyo Tower has been an iconic landmark of Japan and some people like me could not escape the idea of visiting it for a 360 degrees view of the capital and it’s neighboring cities.

Tokyo Tower looks just like your ordinary cellular lattice tower. Painted in white and orange in accordance to Civil Aviation regulations, it’s functional tower that acts a support system for the various antenna intended for television and radio broadcasting. The location is a bit on the outskirts of Tokyo and can be reachable in various ways thru subway (quickest way will be a 5 min walk from Akebanabashi station). Visiting the tower might be a cheesy option for some but still it remains as one of the most visited structure in Japan for both local and foreigners.


Before you head to the top and pay the 150m main observatory entrance fee of 860 Yen or additional 600 yen to reach the 250m special observatory , I suggest to make a detour to the nearby Zojoji Temple (Mausoleum of  Tokugawa Shoguns). It’s one of the most beautiful Buddhist temple that I have seen so far and one of those cultural thing  that you can do without paying any entrance fee .  The temple vicinity is peaceful and refreshing, you might want to rest your tired feet for a few minutes or do some meditation if you like.

If you think that spending your precious weekend at Tokyo tower is not cheesy enough, wait till you see the majority of local Japanese visiting the place –  couples. It’s a popular dating venue and they normally occupy one of the window frames, so you have to squeeze your self among them to take that shot.  Usually, they are whispering sweet nothings on each other ears combined with kiss on the cheek. But who can blame them? Maybe the best way to profess your undying love is 333m above ground.

I was told that if you want to take the perfect shot of Tokyo Tower overlooking the city , you should head to another sky scraper – Roppongi’s Tokyo City View. I’m still thinking if I should go. Maybe it’s populated by couples again and going there alone means I will be that girl they usually ask to take their picture…


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