I love Saturday (again)!: Minato Mirai 21, Yokohama

I used to hate Saturdays. For one specific reason – the mere fact that Saturday in Dubai means the next day is another dreadful work day. Now that I’m back on this part of the continent,  I want to  rediscover my love affair with the 6th day all over again.

For someone new on this town, what better way to get myself acquainted but to head out for a walk.  Before I start my adventure,  I want some nice breakfast to compliment the gloomy weather.  Luckily outside the Sakuragicho Station, there  is an American diner (Bubby’s) which serves pancakes and hot coffee. Beside the diner is a Tourist Information Desk  for a free map around town. Instead of following the typical newbie route, I opted to just walk around and visit whatever interests me.

To know if you are already in the Minato Mirai is easy. Welcoming you is the Japan’s tallest building- the Landmark tower and the giant ship of Nippon Maru which houses the Yokohama Maritime Museum.  I heard that on the clear day you will be able to see  Mt. Fuji, Tokyo and Izuhanto at the 69th floor observation desk of the Landmark (should visit next time).  Not to far from both location is the Yokohama Museum of Art which showcase a decent collection of Picasso and local artist  Yokohama Taikan. Out of all the art available,  I can’t help but be captured with the surrealist work of Salvador Dali. I have never seen a piece that translates the bizarreness of someone’s dream.

Knowing that Japanese works longer hours,  it is not surprising to see that weekend for them is something that should be well spent.  Aside from the usual shopping and dining (Queens Tower, Gran Mall, Colette Mare), there are mini concerts or stand up performers that obviously draws crowd of all ages. I don’t understand what they are singing or saying, but seeing the crowd clapping and  laughing is good enough reason to put a smile on my face and thank God for Saturday.

(Listening to The Afters – “Never Going Back to OK’)


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