Not So Lost in Translation: Sakuragicho, Yokohama

After tiring 17 hours flight (including stop over), I finally arrived.  Still disoriented from lack of sleep, I faithfully follow the instruction e-mailed to me  and successfully reached my new address.

Dragging my luggage inside the apartment, I got a sense on how space conscious Japanese buildings are. My new shelter  is good 20 sq.m space which contains everything I need to survive. I like it though, I don’t see a need for a bigger space when all I will do is eat, sleep and work. Good thing about this apartment is they are prepared for foreign guests. With “blue book” containing photos with instruction on which  button to press in English, I managed to figure out how appliances works. Oh and that Japanese toilet….

Realizing that I need a plug adaptor or maybe a voltage converter, I hurriedly search for a hardware shop in the area. My quest is unsuccessful but I managed to see how charming the neighborhood is. With small cafes-restaurants-bars (yes, small meaning good for 10 person or so and there are only 2 staff – a cook and a server),  small shops and convenient store on every corner, it will surely be pleasant area for a walk.


I always have this vision in my head that I will be ala  Scarlet Johansson character in the movie “Lost in Translation” but for someone who resembles a Japanese, I easily blend in.


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