Summer of Discontent

There is something about summer in Dubai… This is the time were most people (including myself, obviously) are entertaining those “decisions” on their heads and actually going for it. It can be as simple as changing apartment, acquiring a new hobby to cure the boredom or just completely packing your stuff and permanently moving your ass somewhere. For my case, I chose the last one.

It will be unfair to say that I did not enjoy my stay but on my opted bread and butter, I always knew that certain time will come when every inch of my bones, every wavelengths in my brain are starting to get restless. This are those moments were my mind started to wander for my next destination  and no matter how much junk food I take, I cannot shrugged the feeling of discontent.

For a somewhat fixated person, changing a routine is difficult let alone starting a life/career on another foreign shores.  But somehow I know, it’s time to move. So here I go again,  “boxing” the life I build for almost 3 years and packing  my ever reliable suitcase towards my next address.

Another reset in my life…


Another place to explore, another life to survive….

(Listening to Adele  – “21”)


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