Weird Architecture

Dubai (and neighboring Abu Dhabi) has a penchant for everything that is biggest, grandest and first in the world. No wonder they have the following under their resume: tallest building, longest driverless metro, only seven star hotel and largest indoor ski resort. Not contented with these accolades, on each and every building plan to be constructed  they always have the desire to create another world’s first. This kind of attitude had made this country a playground for architects… and  “play” they do.

If you are one ambitious kid with a vision to construct a building on the shape of  Megatron, go to this country and  chances are your idea will be finance for construction.  This may sound absurd but a shot for another world record is something that both cities always clamor for. To be fair, there are some building which are aesthetically pleasing and iconic (Burj Al Arab, Emirates Palace, World Trade Center) but there are those which I  don’t get.

Why would you want a circle shaped building (Al Dhar HQ)? Are building supposed to be square, rectangle or any sided polygon? Does it mean that this circle shaped building has the ability to save human race when another Great Flood strikes Mother Earth?  What is the point of constructing a building that will beat the Tower of Pisa for the record of World Furthest Leaning Tower? Does it mean that 18 degrees westwards inclination (ADNEC Capital Gate) will finally solve the issue of world peace? Common, the building is ugly and appears to be a camel leg (Oh, unless they are planning to build a camel building!).


How about the Infinity Tower with 90 degrees twist they are constructing in Dubai Marina? Will this make me more happier in life if  my apartment building is twisted and yours is not?


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