7 Emirates in 2 Days

People tend to forget that apart from the popular Dubai and Abu Dhabi there are other five emirates that make up UAE.  The remaining five (Sharjah, Ajman, Umm al-Qaiwain, Ras al-Khaimah and Fujairah)  may not offer the glamour of the two known cities but for anyone working  here, visiting the neighboring emirates is like a breath of fresh air.

To cross all 7 emirates is easy, you only need to have a friend who has a car and willing to drive long hours.  All emirates are reachable by road, there are enough signs to guide you and several gas stations with fast food to fill you.  Maybe it will be nicer if you plan your route ahead or if you have an idea on what to expect on each town but it is not that important. For us, we approach our Road Trip in a spontaneous manner which turns out to be a better one and within 2 days we managed to see the whole UAE.

Here is the rundown of what happen within 2 days best remember by my caffeinated mind:

Day 1:   Early morning winter in Dubai and ready to start the day.  Traffic in Sharjah.  A perfect sand dunes somewhere between Ajman and Umm al-Qaiwain means a perfect opportunity for some jump shots. My friend so happy to see an empty road and decided to lie down in the middle.  Stop at  Baraccuda Beach Restaurant for some drink.  Seeing a sky diver and agreeing that we should do it one day.  Lunch at Ras Al Khaimah Pizza Hut, admiring the sleepy town and the beautiful mountainous background.  Driving towards Fujeirah and stopping at the carpet shop.  Another sunset photo shoot somewhere in Fujeirah and me, munching salty popcorn.  Checking out Hilton Hotel. My friend looking for a friend living in Dibba where we can crash for a night.   Spending the night in Dibba and generous kabayans cooking dinner for us (pork!).

Day 2:  Free accommodation means free breakfast. No clothes, no shower (told you we did not plan anything).  Heading out to Fujeirah Al Aqah open beach park for a speedboat tour. Saying our goodbye’s and thank you’s to my friend friends.  On the road again, now towards Al Ain (part of Abu Dhabi). It will be  long drive and we are lost and there is nothing here except sand dunes.  Still lost, too many roundabouts and no one to ask for directions but no worries.  Quick bite and much needed coffee break at Al Ain Mall. On our way to Jebel Hafeet. Nice view, crowded, cold and almost night time. Up in Jebel Hafeet people are celebrating – music blasting, ongoing Pakistanis/Arab street dance and another photo opt. On the way back to Dubai and for reasons unknown our conversations starting to turn a bit serious (life!).  Reach Dubai at midnight – tired, sleepy but happy. Tomorrow is another day at work.

I just wish that at the end of the trip there was Phil Keoghan waiting and telling us “You are the first team to arrive and the winner of Amazing Race” (haha!)..


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