Walking in Hongkong

On my way to Philippines for much needed vacation, I decided that I should stop by and check out Hongkong.  I easily made an arrangement with CathayPacific for a roundtrip ticket + extra special package.  It’s not that expensive after all..

I bought a tour at the hotel counter and hopped into the tourist bus.. On board the bus are: a) 1 girl from Holland enroute to Australia for study b) retired american couple doing some South East asia adventure (who can get enough of Goldilocks Pulboron) c) 3 gents from germany who just finished a sales meeting and d) the very energetic Tour Guide who look exactly like my previous collegue (for that reason, I cannot look at him without smiling).

The highlight of my trip is not actually the tour, well it is just something that I need to do to see the places that typical toursit goes to.. What I enjoy above all is my walks around town and exploring the city myself (with handy cheat sheet on where to go, it’s easy to navigate HK. Check out Discover Hongkong website and you will have everything you need)..

It was raining like crazy during those days and the weather is a bit gloomy, so I decided to opt for some  B&W photo…

Best things to do when in HK are:  a) walk the streets of  Nathan Road at night , Times Square at daytime   b) take the Ferry going to Kowloon Island   c) eat – Hainan Chicken, Shrimp & bakchoy at night market, don’t forget the Noodles   d) squeeze yourself to overcrowded Outdoor – Night Market    e) joy ride on double decker tram cars


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