Concrete Jungle, Singapore

Since it is becoming the “hub” in South East asia, I decided to check out Singapore before returning to my work at Jakarta. I don’t think you will need more than one day to see everything you need to see in this town, unless you are opting for some nightlife.

Watching too much MTV Asia those days (Donita Rose still the best VJ), I had this naive idea that Singapore will have colder climate compare to it’s neighbouring country, obviously this is not true. I visited the usual suspect – Sentosa Park via Cable Car, Ocean Park, Orchard Road, Lucky Plaza (popular for Pinoys) and the Raffles Hotel.  There was no Universal Studio back then.

With buildings after buildings after buildings,  it started to appeal to me in a “concrete jungle” way.

Underlying its modern facade is a rich history that most visitors do not know. It’s easy to get lost on how successful Singapore is today but once you  know its history and  its struggles to prosper on its own, you can’t help yourself but admire the hardwork of the people who built the city.

To truly appreciate S’pore, I suggest to anyone visiting to skip eating at McDonalds but instead go to Hawker place. Right on the budget delectable food and you get to experience first hand the Lion City  national identity.


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