Adrenaline Rush, Ferrari World

I’m feed up and just sick on sitting in the office 9 hours a day – 5 days a week and just clicking-staring-typing-emailing in my laptop and worrying about some crap that does not even matter.

I know i’m lucky to have a well-paid job and should stop bitching about it,but what can I do – just those days you want to pack your stuff and say “I QUIT!”

Well, i’m still under contract  and need to wait for few more months (to find a new one)… so to shake my core a little, i decided i needed a “rush”..

I boarded a bus to Abu Dhabi and head out to Ferrari World and just scream my heart out at the coaster and for a few minutes managed to forget about things….

After  two attempts at Formula Rossa (World Fastest Roller Coaster), i had enough adrenaline rush and call it a day…


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